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Here at Real Poker, we believe that we have the best online poker software in the business and we know that you are going to love playing Texas holdem poker on our Real Poker platform. If you are considering signing up to Real Poker today, then why not take a look through some of our most recent screenshots, which will show you everything you need to know about playing Texas Holdem Poker with us.
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Real Poker in India

Our screenshots will give you a better understanding of how the whole Real Poker system works and what you will need to do to get started and to play Texas Holdem Poker online with us. We have no doubt that, if you are unsure of whether to sign up to Real Poker today, then looking through these fantastic screenshots of what we have to offer you will convince you that Real Poker is the best place to play Texas Holdem Poker online. So sign up to Real Poker today, download the Real Poker software and take advantage of the fantastic offers that we have available for new players.
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Making money with real poker in India

As you no doubt already know, poker is a card game that involves a little bit of luck together with a lot of strategies and skills. A lot of people nowadays are playing online poker in a bid to make lots of easy money. The amount of money you make largely depends on whether you are the type of online game you are playing and how much money you feel you are comfortable with losing. Afterall, we do not want to see anybody risking money they cannot afford to lose, which is why we urge you all to gamble responsibly.

When playing poker online, consider the following:

  • Make a proper game selection and more so, choose a game that suits your skills. Given that online poker continues to evolve, enhance your skills by watching more training videos, reading about new strategies and reviewing your own play. If necessary, use a Poker software which gives you up to date information about all players, monitors your hand history, informs you of flaws in your playing style and finds errors in your opponent's playing style so that you can exploit the same to your advantage.

  • Another important factor is your mind. Ensure that you are calm before playing to avoid making hasty decisions and to enable you to think of better strategies and increase your chances of winning. A lot of players have resorted to a book reading up about the best ways to remain calm and focused while playing poker online, which helps them to develop instructions and proven techniques on how to deal with mental issues such as emotional control.

  • Additionally, you need to invest a lot of time and dedication into the game. The number of players and stakes at risk also influence the amount of money you will make. Start with a low stake game if you are new, as you continue to gain more experience to play the bigger stakes. The "tight and aggressive" (TAG) strategy is highly recommended when playing low stake games.

India also has a variety of cultural festivities such as Diwali with goddesses stating that prosperity is only given to those that gamble during the religious season. The availability of online poker makes it possible for large pools of people to gamble showing how online poker can easily be synced into Indian culture and we aim to make sure that people continue to see online poker in the positive light that it deserves to shine in.

So as you can clearly see, it is possible to make a decent earning through online poker. However, you need to be a consistent player and one who does not give up after losing a game. Patience and a good mindset are paramount and remember, the more you play, the better you get!

Indian Online Mobile Poker
Earn money playing poker in India

Poker is a card game where playing skills matter more than luck. Online poker is one of the rising games in India with an estimated worth of around $290m giving showing just how popular the game has become and just why more and more people are talking about it. While there are a number of different online poker sites out there, we have no doubt that what we have to offer is far and beyond anything else that is out there, from gaming experience to promotions, rewards and bonuses, we are always striving to offer our players something unique and better than anything else out there.

There are several factors that have led to the rise of online poker players in India, for instance, there is an immense growth in the number of online poker tournaments estimated at a 30% rise every year giving a huge boost to the poker industry. There has been an increase in online poker popularity in the last couple of years with awareness brought by collaboration with celebrities, colleges for cultural festivals and NGOs. There has been a change of mindset brought about by modernity, making Indians realize the endless opportunities that online poker can bring.

With all that said, there are still a few stigmas of the online poker game in India that need to be eradicated such as some people are quick to dismiss it as being a form of gambling. There is also a lack of clear regulations on the game and this harbours its acceptance among some people. A form of regulation from trusted bodies such as Promotion and Regulation of Online Skill act will definitely go a long way in clearing the misunderstanding of the game.

In India, online poker has become very famous among women and they use it to try to make some extra money during their free time. This has been made possible by:

• Availability and accessibility to online poker games; unlike a long time ago where poker could only be played in particular areas, it is now accessible online all over India and in many different formats. We not only offer our online poker to people with home computers but you can also play it on your laptop, your tablet and your mobile phone..

• There is an increase of money winning cash titles playing poker online and we have a variety of different opportunities for you to enter tournaments online and to start winning money on a regular basis.

• We try to spread more awareness to our online poker games on social media. Some people think poker is a game of luck but there is actually a lot more skill involved. We promote this awareness on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ among other areas.

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