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Why you should not play poker
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Why you should not play poker

Date Published: 25th May 2020
Author: Kelvin Sherwood
Playing games that involve a lot of creativity and reasoning is one of the coolest activities in today's generation. Such games involve minimal movements as players sit around the table and make their moves. In other cases, the players meet virtually and play the game over the internet. Such games include chase, bingo, draft and poker. Well, poker is a game of interest in this particular article as it captures the interest of many people. Although playing poker is so interesting, it could have some side effects on the players. Some of these effects may be felt directly or indirectly by those involved.

Why you should not play poker

Playing poker is bad because it robs you of your social life and friends. Poker will keep you glued to your phone, laptop or around a table with only a few people. It will take away all your time that you would have otherwise used to visit your friends and relatives. Many people who are addicted to poker end up losing valuable friends for lack of commitment. There are also cases where people have lost their spouses as they committed most of their time to poker instead of their loved ones. Poker will let you appreciate virtual friendship and make you disregard the physical friendship. This is a bad transition as virtual friends will not be there if you fall in dire need for physical help.

Playing poker is bad because it

Many online poker players end up being porn addicts because of regular exposure to such sites. While waiting for their turn, some poker players will opt to visit porn sites. Since poker games are classified under casino and explicit games, many pornographic sites usually direct their adds to such sites. When an add presents itself, it is always difficult for the player to resist clicking on it. This is how young people become porn addicts, some because of curiosity and others because of sexual perversion. Parents should be keen to discourage their children from playing poker.

Many online poker players end up

Playing poker is bad because it makes you sit down for a long period of time with minimal movement. This is an unhealthy lifestyle as research shows that sitting down for long periods increases the risk of getting heart disease. You might think that you are having fun, but the reality on the ground is that you might be signing your own death certificate. Staying glued to your phone or laptop screen for a long time may cause eye problems. The eye is a very sensitive organ and lack of proper care might render you blind. While playing, it is advisable that you take regular breaks of the screen as you wait for your turn.

Some poker players end up being violent especially when the game does not build up in their favor. This is not a good thing as they may carry such violence to their social life too. When things do not work as they wish they always end up forcing them and the use of force might lead them into trouble. Playing poker might also change your decision making and affect your choices. Instead of going to the stores to get groceries, you will send a taxi to get it for you. Worse enough, instead of going to the toilet to pee, you will opt to pee in a bottle, just to avoid leaving your table.

Students who play poker perform dismally in classwork and exams as well. This is because they have little time for their books as they spend all their time playing poker. Some of them go to the extent of playing poker in class when lessons are going on. This is a very bad habit as it makes them miss important points that may be key when the exams come. It is time that students should be barred from playing poker so that they can focus on their studies. Although it might be difficult to police them, students must take personal initiatives to say no to poker.

Wrapping it all up, poker is a game that will make you lose your friends. Friends are a key part of our lives, losing them might make you lonely at times when you will need them the most. Take good care of your health by avoiding long hours of online poker. If you have to play poker, ensure that you do not become addicted to it.

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