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Why playing cash games is important in online poker
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Why playing cash games is important in online poker

Date Published: 13th June 2019
If playing poker online is fun, then money games is where you can win a fortune. With money games, you also get a chance to learn the real poker and not rely on chances alone.

poker cash-game

Why you should play money games in online poker?
Money games are the bread and butter of online poker and it is only way to learn poker the best way.

• You can play these games at anytime
• There is no start and end of time so you can play as long or as short as you want
• There is a fast-forward way out so you can easily boost a poor hand instantly
• You can play on your term, how much money you want to put in is at your discretion
• You can start a game with as much as $.60 only

How To Achieve Success In Online Games?
The six basic rules to achieve success in online cash games include:

Start Slowly:
There are cash games where you can lose all the money you have put on the game in a single hand. So, it is always better to start slowly. Be careful as you proceed and slowly gear up.

Bet Only When You Have The Goods:
Big pots mean big hands and big bluffs in money games. If you are playing a game that you aren’t very clear about, you may be at a losing point.

cash game-poker

Position Is Important:
As soon as the stack size starts to swell, you must pay attention on what ds you can play and then choose the game and position. In case you are in an early position, you must throw hands like A-J and A-10.

Have Control:
You need to take control of the game as soon as possible and show that you are the leader.

So, this is why you must play cash and money games in online poker.

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