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Why Indian poker players love Texas Holdem poker
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Why Indian poker players love Texas Holdem poker

Date Published: 20th August 2019
Poker offers incredible opportunities to win big which cannot be matched with anything else. Online games happen daily where players can make more money from playing poker than they started with. The popularity of one particular variant of poker, Texas Hold Em, has risen above the rest and Indian poker players love Texas Hold Em Poker.

india poker

Looking for the best way to gamble? Online poker is exciting and offers players a lightning fast way to win money. Given the popularity of poker it’s no wonder why almost all casinos hold Texas Hold Em games. This game is popularized by pop culture and is one of the most popular gambling games we have today. There are televised Texas Hold Em tournaments shown all around the world, with cash prizes in the millions of dollars per tournament. There are even professional Texas Hold Em players that have made a living, and a lot of riches, from their game which we like to call a sport.

India’s Poker Interest
Indian poker players have gravitated towards Texas Hold Em as of late. Gaming laws in India create some buzz around the card game, and while India has always loved card games, Texas Hold Em has particular popularity that is unparalleled.

poker indian

Why We Love Poker
Texas Hold Em brings a different energy. Having seen how it’s evolved over the years, the game is not limited at all. Anybody can play the game, any observant person with some patience can win a lot of money from the game, and everybody can learn to play and love poker.

If you are serious about wanting to win tons of cash at poker tables, it will require study and discipline. Learn more about the art of bluffing, folding, reading players, bet strategy, and more from daily articles by Real Poker.

Recent Indian Online Poker Game Reports

JP Nagar, Bangalore Online Poker
21st August 2018 08:08
Round up report for the sit and go 10 player challenge from Tuesday 21st August which saw nileb win the prize pot of 50.00.
Varthur, Bangalore Online Poker from January
7th January 2019 15:22
Report on the sit and go table for Varthur, Bangalore from Monday 7th January which saw dorette take the winning prize money of 150.00 rupees on this 10 table.
Hoogly, Kolkata Online Poker from September
13th September 2018 15:39
Round up report for the sit and go 10 player challenge from Thursday 13th September which saw vogtrainer win the prize pot of 12,500.00.
Calcutta Texas Holdem Poker from July
22nd July 2018 13:55
Poker report on the 10 player challenge between super_sai, ballinb, thebrig, ryella, arjun18, fidela, renard57, Hagima, call-i-dare-ya2, abefroman9, from Sunday
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