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When is playing loose a good idea in online poker?
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When is playing loose a good idea in online poker?

Date Published: 4th November 2019
Have Well Balanced Poker Skills
In online poker, when discussing poker strategy, we are usually instructed to play tight. Conservative by the book poker is allegedly going to ensure we win. Play only good cards, bet when you have the nuts with mild aggression, play tight and you will turn up some profit in your online poker sessions. This mindset is very traditional. While it is true a tight poker game is the most logical, playing loose can be a good idea in online poker too.

poker loose

The key is to be able to execute on multiple styles of play. If you are able to play conservatively enough to minimize your mistakes, but also have the ability to change gears to a loose aggressive player when the right timing warrants it, you will have a more complete game and be able to create more profitable poker sessions online.

When Should You Play Loose
The idea of a loose player is somebody who plays a lot of flops or makes calls with low or no equity in a hand. Loose players do exist in poker, but they are basically gambling. Referred to as calling machines, these players are also usually fish, and they will be your source of earnings on the night. But if you can mimic certain qualities of a loose player, you can win more money in your poker sessions. With an overly tight table, where all of your opponents are making limited calls, playing loose can spook off players who are excessively conservative.

loose play-poker

Stealing blinds, and excellent post-flop strategy will help you win pots and take advantage of the weakness of the tight players. Furthermore, well timed passive loose play after playing very tight for an extended period of time, will change the gears on your poker play and confuse your opponents. As long as you have your opponents guessing, you can expect a more profitable online poker session.

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