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What is 'Limping In'?
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What is 'Limping In'?

Date Published: 15th April 2019
Poker in general and online poker especially, is all about technique. There are many people who believe that online poker is all about luck and that you don’t have to be skilled at poker to make money in online poker but that is definitely not the case. As much as there is luck involved in this game, you need to know about certain techniques such as limping in to maximize your chances of winning.

limp in

Online Poker in India
Online poker is becoming increasingly popular in India. There are a lot of websites and mobile applications now available that allow people all over the country to play online poker and win real cash from it. Indian online casinos are also becoming popular internationally so don’t be surprised if you find any international players on the table when you play the online poker.

Limping in Explained
In poker limping in basically is when somebody calls pre-flop instead of raising or folding, they are said to have "limped in" to the pot. What it basically means is that you play it safe and don’t go all out in the game. Limping in decreases your chances of losing the money. However, experienced and aggressive players tend to avoid limping in and instead prefer raising the money. What this does is that although your chances of losing money increase, if you do end up wining, you will be able to win more. When you raise the amount of limping in, you can have a better idea what other players have in hand.

limping in

Mixed reviews about Limping In
Limping in is a technique which has mixed reviews in the poker community. Some people are of the view that this is a cowardly technique and that people should not be using it because it does more harm than good whereas, there are professional players who try to play and experiment with limping in.

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