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What is a Cbet in online poker?
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What is a Cbet in online poker?

Date Published: 30th August 2019
Working on your betting game is important to become a masterful poker player. Understand what a Cbet is and how to incorporate Cbets in your game to yield better profits in your online poker sessions.

poker cbet

What Is A Cbet
When a player bets on the flop after previously raising pre-flop, it is known as a continuation bet or a c-bet. That player has continued to bet, “doubling down” on the assertion that their cards are strong, represented in their initial pre-flop bet. Hence the term used for this is a continuation bet. The normal use of the continuation bet is by a player in position against an opponent who has checked on the flop.

What’s The Importance Of a Cbet
If you are a beginner poker player you may find it difficult or unnerving to play poker on the flop after raising before the flop. When you do things like Cbet you follow up your pre-flop raise with a bet on the flop, regardless of whether you hit or not. It's termed a continuation bet, or c-bet and it takes advantage of the statistical likelihood you’ll win the pot, given the strength of your cards and the chances your opponent will fold his or her hand. The continuation bet is one of the frequently used plays in no limit Texas Hold Em by the pros like those on WSOP. As a rule of thumb, a good continuation bet is 2/3 to 3/4 the size of the pot.

When Is It Smart to Cbet
As a guide to using and understanding continuation bets in online poker, remember while the Cbet is a huge part of Texas hold em it's not correct to do it over frequently without thinking. Ideally, you want to Cbet when you have strong cards pre-flop and you trust that these cards can win it for you on the river if asked of them. For an idea on how and when to c-bet like a pro, most ranges you would bet pre-flop will hit the flop with at least Top Pair or better and a good draw approximately 35%-40% of the time.

cbet online-poker

Cbets can win you more money in online poker.

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