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What does shoved mean in online poker
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What does shoved mean in online poker

Date Published: 9th September 2019
“Shoved” means that we are facing an allin. Nothing more! It implies that we are facing one or several all in front of us and that we have to make the decision to either call (sometimes reshove) or fold. This action is particularly common in turbo game formats and, much more, in hyper turbo formats of one or more tables. These formats became very popular a few years ago due to how profitable they were and the high benefits obtained from promotions and reward structures. To learn to master this fundamental part of the push and fold game effectively is not that different from its counterpart (shove). The only main difference is that it is us who are facing an all-in and not the ones who are shoving so we must adjust our analysis accordingly.

shove poker

How to play against a shove
For example, assuming that we are facing an all-in and that we have no one else behind us, we should focus our analysis as soon as EV generates our decision. Which will be based entirely on how much equity our hand has vs. the rank of the villain and the pot odds we are receiving. Beyond that, all the other variables that we should consider were developed in detail in the article on "SHOVE". For many, mastering this part of the push and fold game is much simpler task since you have to worry about fewer variables. But, do not worry if it is difficult for you, each person has different learning processes. The important thing here is that you work a lot on mathematics and familiarize yourself with the many different situations that can occur at a poker table so when you´re at table your decision making becomes almost a subconscious reflex.

The best way to achieve this is to use a statistical tracking program such as a holdem manager or a Poker Tracker and apply a filter to isolate a particular game situation and reproduce as many hands as possible and just run the math!
For this I highly advise you to use programs such as Equilab (for equities) and an excel sheet, both programs are totally free. These are more than enough to run any EV simulation for both shove and pay for a shove. Or if on the contrary you want to invest in your development, we highly recommend you acquire ICMizer 2. One of its licenses offers a feature called SNG Coach which comes with dozens of preconfigured different SNG formats and provides you with different push and fold situations and with the use of multiple answers you must select the correct one.

online poker-shove

Regularly using this tool will help you accelerate your learning process and you will develop a skill that is higher than the average number of players in your stake in a much shorter time.

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