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Understanding How Psychology Impacts Online Poker
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Understanding How Psychology Impacts Online Poker

Date Published: 30th November 2018
Poker is an addicting game for those who have a familiarity about it. The psychology of a poker player is based on the monopoly of human hormones resultant from the win or fail situations in-game. The key hormone which affects the player is 'Serotonin’. To understand how the psychology of a poker player works, we need to know briefly about the effects of the hormone on the player behavior.

online poker-psychology

Serotonin is also known as 'Happiness Hormone’ which helps in triggering award system of our brain. To explain how it works for our body, let’s see the example. A man decides to play a poker game on his digital gadget. While playing he makes a good move, his good move will result in the profit. This will trigger the serotonin in this body and motivate the man to play even further.

The next move the man made is wrong and that resulted in the loss of the profit. This will trigger serotonin again in minimal amount but this time it will trigger the negative emotions. On the base of which he will decide to play further or continue. If at the end of the game the man is the winner this will increase his serotonin and will be helpful to his next decision to play a game further or not.

psychology poker

There are two other hormones acting during the game play. These are Dopamine (Survival hormone) and Adrenaline (fear and alert hormone). For an online poker player to enjoy plenty of success, they need to be able to understand how these hormones work and how to use them to their advantage. Letting these hormones take control will result in heavy losses.

Now, try to remember what you have learnt here, head off to one of our online poker tables, and try to put this into practise, not letting your emotions take over. Good luck!

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