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The Right Way to Play a Weak Pocket Pair in Online Poker
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The Right Way to Play a Weak Pocket Pair in Online Poker

Date Published: 16th April 2019
In poker, poker pairs are greatly desired by many poker players despite of the prevailing circumstances. You can only expect to get a pocket pair once in every seventeen deals if you along with statistics and if the pocket pair are played really well then that can be real fortunate in any game. Weak pocket pairs means the pocket seven or lower and poor position from under the gun up to middle position.

pocket pair

Pocket Pairs
The pocket pairs looks really good in any situation but the weak pocket pairs or lower pocket pairs should be played with discipline and your position also does matters with your luck too. If there are enough opponents then that can help you to get good pot odds and being able to hold the pairs can also do a lot of benefit in the game. Time consuming is like a tradition in poker and coming in late with small pocked pairs is pretty good in online poker. Enough opponents and being against a weak player with being able to hold the pairs correctly can be a fortune if you are in early position.

If you misplayed weak pairs from early position then that can be a major leak in the game. You need to be careful while playing low pairs, you have to be aware of weather you are being raised or not. Being raised by the opponent in a game where the board is full of overcards and hoping to hit your set turn or river usually leads to lose of money which is better to muck a losing hand. Knowing the texture of game can also bring a lot of difference while playing weak pocket pairs, if you are in passive type of game or with a weak player and by knowing the opponent tendencies and the moves then it’s a great opportunity of playing weak pocket pairs and win a huge pot.

weak pocket-pairs

The weak poker pair needs a bit of assistance and proper knowledge of the environment of the game and also the positions and discipline plays a vital role to win. You should also be aware of being raised and also the study of opponent’s behavior and moves can also be handy while playing with these weak pairs, it’s better to muck and find a game with passive players or environment.

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