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The Key to Multi Table Success in Online Poker
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The Key to Multi Table Success in Online Poker

Date Published: 2nd March 2019
Like with everything else in the world of online gaming, success comes with mastering a certain skill and discovering the best ways for you to play and improve on a certain platform. This is certainly the case when it comes to playing online poker. Before going out and playing 5 to 10 tables of online poker, be sure to master the art of playing and reading that one table as good as possible.

multi table

Some poker players actually believe that one of the best ways to become accustomed to the speed of online poker, is to play with a deck of cards which use four different colours rather than the usual two. It might be odd at first, but with time that should help you make faster and better decisions, as your eye is drawn to the colour of the suit much quicker and easier.

Its incredibly hard to pay complete attention to all tables at all times. That's why taking notes can come in handy and make it easier to remember what table plays what way, with what players. Make them short, for example, when making notes for a table say things like, "Big Action" or "Slow Play", and when making notes for players, say things like, "Bets Big" or "LAG Player".

multi screens

Another thing one needs to know is when to focus on the right table at the right time. Decisions are made all the time, but bring your mental A game only for the biggest decisions. It is almost impossible to focus on all decisions at all times for the whole duration of play. So make sure you know the right decisions to focus on. Find out how much you can take at once. Start with as many tables as you can handle. Practice makes perfect.

Finally, the best way to manage and pay close attention to all the tables is by tiling them and not stacking. Good luck and enjoy!

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