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Should you only play good hands in online poker?
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Should you only play good hands in online poker?

Date Published: 14th June 2019
Poker is a competitive sport. It’s not just a card game it’s a game of skill and chance. Players can even become pros, with some being picked up by sponsors. However, a lot of winning in poker is down to dumb luck. So, how do you know which cards to play and which hands to fold? When should you play the hands you’re dealt in poker? Should you only play good hands in online poker? Why don’t you read on to find the answers to these questions?

poker good-hands

When To Play Good Hands
Good hands should only be played if your style of play is quiet or reserved. If you’re a quiet crocodile, you’ll set a trap and shoot for a feast. However, this type of player does not play unless dealt an amazing hand. Even with great cards, the player might just call to entice action, and eventually the real goal to take out all-in opponents left in the game.

When Not To Play Good Hands
A little-known secret about poker is it’s not about the cards or the odds, or even the poker experience, it’s about deceit. Remember, the best liar wins. If you’re a good bluffer you don’t need to only play good hands in online poker. For bluffers, the cards you’re dealt with don’t matter because if you’re good bluffer you can play bad hands and still win.

Luck Plays its Part
Poker is a difficult game, with lots of factors to winning including a strong strategy. However, the game is also about luck; and sometimes beginners (having never played the game before) enter a poker tournament and leave with a lot of money. It’s very easy to forget that poker is a chance game of odds and if you are very lucky you can win every hand in poker.

poker bad-hand

If you have advanced poker playing skills, and capable of maintaining a consistent playing style, you can play all hands, not just the good ones. If you’re not comfortable betting, you need another strategy to tackle online poker. However, while good hands win in online poker, they’re not the only hands that win.

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