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Should You Ever Fold Pocket Aces in Online Poker
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Should You Ever Fold Pocket Aces in Online Poker

Date Published: 5th November 2018
It doesn't really matter if you have been playing poker for a long time or if you are a new comer to the game, and it also doesn't really matter whether you are the type of player who prefers tom play face to face poker or online poker, when it comes to being dealt pocket Aces, it really can be difficult to let them go. It is very rare that you will ever find a poker player who is going to fold pocket Aces, especially pre-flop, but is there ever a point when you should actually fold pocket Aces?

When you are first dealt pocket Aces, you have to take into account your position on the table. If you are early on the table, your natural instinct is going to be to bet big, which should ultimately scare of anyone coming after you. With that said though, there are always going to be some players in poker who do not really know what they are doing, which would lead to them going into the hand, even when they have no business doing so. So make sure that you know the players around the table, before going big. If you are a later position on the table, then you get to read those before you and see how strong they are playing. Remember, just because you have pocket Aces, it doesn't mean you are definitely going to win.

fold aces

If you get to the Flop and another Ace has not come out, and your opponent is betting hard, the likelihood is that they are now holding the top pair, or possibly even two pairs, or maybe simply chasing a straight or a flush. There are always so many things that you need to be mindful of when playing poker. Not only do you need to know your own odds and your own outs but you also need to be aware of what your opponent could possibly have. If an Ace does come out on the Flop then you should really go All-In, the chances of being beaten now are extremely slim, so go hard.

When it comes to the Turn, if there is still no Ace coming to the table and you don't really have any other out, then the best bet is to check or fold, depending on the size of the bets coming from your opponents. Yes, 1 pair of Aces is still a fairly strong hand but if you have made it to the Turn and you hand has not progressed but there are better potential hands on the table, then it is better to save your money and live to fight another day, rather than going too hard and losing it all. Alternatively, if you have that third Ace then it is definitely wise to go big, maybe there is a second pair on the table, which also gives you a strong enough hand to go hard. However, at this stage, if all you have is your pocket Aces and others are going hard, chances are they have 2 pairs or better.

fold pocket-aces

So there you have it. While being dealt pocket Aces is the best possible hand you can be dealt, there are always reasons to fold them and let them go. Playing smart poker is much more effective than playing emotional poker. So remember, always read your opponents and always read the table, as it will go a long way to helping you know when to fold pocket Aces.

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