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Real Poker Freerolls Explained

Date Published: 11th March 2019
Here at Real Poker India, we love to make sure that our online players are happy and having an enjoyable experience on our platform, which is one of the reasons that we offer you our Freeroll events, allowing you to enter these tournaments without having to pay any money whatsoever. Each online user is allowed to enter up to 3 Freeroll events per day, which means that you can then enter a total of 21 Freerolls per week.

poker girl

However, there are few important details that you must know about the Freeroll events, especially if you are playing in the Real Money, depositors Freeroll events. Firstly, you must have made a minimum deposit of 100 rupees within the past 7 days in order to access these Freeroll poker games. Any winnings you make from these Freeroll games will be added to your Real Balance and can be withdrawn to your bank account, in line with any terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, if you are simply looking to play in the No Deposit Freeroll poker games, then you do not need to worry about having to deposit within the past 7 days. You can simply enter the No Deposit Freerolls whenever you like. Again though, each player can still only enter 3 of these Freerolls per day, or 21 a week. Any winnings will then go to your No Deposit balance, which cannot be transferred to your Real Money balance until you reach Level 20.

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We hope this explains everything you need to know about our Real Poker Freeroll games.

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