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Poker Table Themes

Date Published: 15th April 2019
The poker scene in India is getting bigger and better all the time and we at Real Poker pride ourselves on the fact that we are always bringing you something new and exciting for you to enjoy. We already have a huge amount of different rewards, promotions, bonuses and offers but today we are here to tell you about something new we have just brought to you on our fantastic platform.

poker tables-theme

Now we are not here to try to belittle or disrespect any of the other poker platforms which are available in India today, but we have to admit that some of them are very boring and very unattractive, which makes the whole gaming experience feel a little bit flat. We believe that when you are playing online poker, you need something visual to keep your attention and make everything a little bit more exciting.

poker tables-themes

Here at Real Poker, we already believe that we have the best table designs in the online poker industry but we do not like to sit still or let ourselves get stale, which is why we have decided to bring you some new and improved poker table themes, which we know you are all going to love. These new tables have actually taken things to the next level and these stunning designs really do make your poker experience with us all the more enjoyable.

table theme-poker

These tables truly are beautiful and, as well as bringing you some new colors to our tables, we have also changed the overall design a little, with some fantastic textures to make these poker tables really pop. As well as that, we have also decided to make it easier for you to switch between your chosen poker table themes, by adding the options onto you playing screen, just to the right of the actual table. It is really easy to navigate and instantly switches between your chosen themes.

table themes-poker

So what are you waiting for? Head over to one of our tables now and take a good look through the new poker table themes we have for you. Find the color and design of the table you love the most and match it with one of our unique backgrounds. The are many different combinations for you to choose from. We know you are going to absolutely love them.

online poker-table

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