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Poker Ka Gana

Date Published: 17th August 2019
Directly translated, “Poker Ka Gana” means “Poker is Crazy” and this coined term reflects the craziness and mayhem sometimes associated with poker. With the internet as big as it is today, playing poker online is an entirely different animal from what it was a few years ago. There is no telling who you will play against and what poker styles you will encounter when playing online. There are unlimited quirky and unconventional playing styles out there and it is common people experience some crazy poker stories in online poker. It doesn’t take too long to find some craziness going down in online poker tables if you are playing online.

poker is-crazy

What Makes Poker Crazy
The first notable craziness identifiable in online poker is the players. Many players online play crazily, acting like maniacs taking great deals of risk at the table. Their intentions unclear, players online can put fellow players on tilt and effectively throw off opponents with the craziness in their style of play. Excessive betting, bluffing, and chasing can be frustrating to play against and when these online lunatics get the best of you, it can be crazy and infuriating.

Pro Tip
If faced with an opponent that has a crazy style of play, do not be lured in to the craziness. Because of the excessive betting, the player is probably setting up a trap for you. They want you to call with weak hands out of frustration, and this temptation to limp into pots will only see you losing even more money. Or even worse, they want you to re-raise or bluff. Instead you should play smart, call more. Slow play and read your opponent systematically. When the raises are a bluff, make your move.

crazy poker

Poker Ka Gana
Aside from the players, we understand poker in general can be crazy. Losing on the river against one-outers, and other improbable hands being played add to the craziness of the game and also the excitement.

Remember that when you play poker, despite all of the craziness, the game is exciting and you should remember to have fun. Gamble responsibly and good luck.

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