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Date Published: 11th March 2019
Online poker has become one of the biggest online games in the world and it is continuing to enjoy a huge growth in India, with more and more beginning to accept it as being a game of skill and not a game of luck, which is great for all of us poker lovers. Now, when it comes to playing with real money on an online poker site, it seems that each and every one of them has different options.

paytm real-poker

Which brings us to PayTM poker, which simply means that if you wish to make a deposit with us here at Real Poker India, then you can do so by using PayTM, putting the money into your Real Balance and allowing you to play on our Real Money tables. While we know that PayTM poker is the best way for many of you to make a deposit with us, we understand that some of you also prefer to use Razorpay, which is why we also off that option too.

Now, when it comes to enjoying PayTM poker with us, we have some exciting offers for you to enjoy, as we will double any first time deposit with us, up to the amount of 30,000 rupees. However, you must be aware that, while your initial deposit goes into your Real Balance, your double up bonus money will then go into you No Deposit balance. So, to be clear, if you deposit 1,000 rupees, then you will get that 1,000 into your Real Balance, while we will also give you an extra 1,000 into your No Deposit account, absolutely free.

poker with-paytm

So, if you are a fan of online poker, and you are someone who prefers to use PayTM when making a deposit, then why not get playing with us here at Real Poker India, now. You will love all of the different bonuses we have on offer for you.

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