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Online Poker vs. Live Poker: Which is Best?
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Online Poker vs. Live Poker: Which is Best?

Date Published: 26th November 2019
Poker is a great game and online poker is enjoyed around the world. But what is best, online poker or live poker? If you are a poker player wondering which is best among the two, we’ve got you covered.

poker live

Online Poker Gambling
Poker has come a long way from the household game played with grandpa over some loose change. For some, high stakes gambling and well played poker consume their lifestyles and lead to full-fledged careers in the world of professional poker. Online poker, which takes the game to the internet and connects players from around the world to play and compete with one another in online casinos, can make a poor man rich on a lucky night. The money that is transferred in these online games can reach thousands of dollars per hand or even more.

Live Poker Gambling
Live poker meanwhile is played in casinos or friends basements, and can have a completely different feel to it. In live poker, as they say, you sometimes don’t play the cards but rather play the man. If you are excellent at reading people, and predicting behaviors, you can win a lot of money in live poker with very little poker skill basing your moves on intuition and psychology. Live poker is exciting too, but unlike online poker it has its own energy. Casinos are entertainment centers and the lights and sirens keep you uplifted at least until you are out of chips.

poker live-game

Online Poker vs. Live Poker – What’s the Difference
Not as accessible and harder to play, live poker may not be something you’d feel comfortable playing every single day as it would involve going to a physical casino, cashing in chips, and risking losing a lot of money. In online poker, smaller blind sizes and ease of accessibility make it something you can conveniently play on a daily basis if you wanted to. So, which is best? Between the two, both offer pros and cons. Online poker tables are played fast compared to live poker tables, way faster than a casino poker table. As you are unable to see your opponents, online poker requires a lot more skill and tactical play. Overall, online poker can boast more play types with smaller blind sizes, since the maintenance costs are far lower.

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