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Make sure you know when to fold in poker online
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Make sure you know when to fold in poker online

Date Published: 6th August 2019
What do you do when your back is against the wall and you don’t have the nuts, but you have a strong hand? Your opponents shoves all-in and you could potentially lose 4x buy-in with this call. There are only two options in poker, fight or flee. For poker, fleeing means folding and this incredibly important aspect to the game is often overlooked. There are financial consequences to face in poker, understand the importance of folding in online poker to improve your online poker success.

fold poker

Folding in Poker
Folding is underrated but important. It is your act of decidedly ending participation in a hand by letting the pot go. Do this when you do not wish to continue, and when you want to save money. While most folding happens pre-flop, you must also know when to concede the pot to your opponent on the turn and river too to minimize your losses.

How to Fold
When you are going to fold, also mix it up. There is a deception element to poker strategy. The time you take to fold a hand will affect other players in online poker rooms with you. Maintain your poker face even when you are folding, act in turn and consume the same time you would if you were thinking to raise. This will confuse your opponents.

poker folding

Don’t Make the Mistake
If ever you are folding and it is the final play of a hand, some players do what is called a hero fold, where they will expose one or both of their cards unnecessarily to reveal to the other players. When you fold in poker, you should not show any of the cards. In fact you should avoid revealing your cards as often as possible. When you are not required to reveal your cards, fold them and do not make the mistake of revealing.

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