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Make money online playing poker in India

Date Published: 8th August 2019
Play Online Poker
Online poker has exploded over the years and today is brought to a whole new level, where the gaming experience offers convenience and accessibility to players online. Online poker nowadays allows players with the option for anonymity, improved game transparency, and very competitive online poker environments for players to gamble in.

Technology has assisted in the way we play the game too, creating absolutely risk free poker tables and online rooms for anybody online to access. In fact, through new and exciting technologies, new iterations of poker were formed, and players are offered with new ways to earn money.

make money-online-poker

Who doesn’t like being offered with new ways to earn money?

Earn Money Online
There are various ways to earn money with poker online. Each online site offering poker will have different gimmicks to try and lure in users. Many even offer free money and other freebies to incentivize players to try their platform. Real Poker for example offers several freebies and other offers to give you ways to earn money.

Earn Money Playing Online at Real Poker
Firstly, we give you a fantastic daily rake back. Every player is given a 25% rakeback each day at midnight, and you can see your rakeback adding up in real time as you are playing with your rupees on the real poker platform.

make money-online

Second, we offer the lowest rake in the online poker industry in India, starting at just 4.15% and cascading all the way down to 2.5% for higher value poker tables. Start playing online poker with and enjoy more than just the lowest rakes online.

Refer and earn rupees for free. You can find your unique referral link in your Account section, which you can use to bring others to Real Poker and start making money from your referrals. Refer and earn a 25% referral fee.

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Banashankari, Bangalore Online Poker 10 Player
11th September 2018 19:41
Poker report on the match up from Tuesday between ihadyou, rikim, hepp, bombaystud, pokerlem, ahmad, myrnababy, dageinar, rufe, Vihaan84, for the prize pot of 6250 rupees.
RT Nagar, Bangalore Poker on the 24th October
24th October 2018 04:23
Report on the sit and go table for RT Nagar, Bangalore from Wednesday 24th October which saw kingofglory take the prize of 6,250.00 rupees on this 10 table.
Noida India Gambling 10 Player
26th August 2018 01:40
Poker report on the 10 player match which included elmaskabron, ukki-peder, odhama, jewelix, masterprik, floridapete, macdre, emabluffington, IshaanYash, rainerzufall, from Sunday
Vasco da Gama Indian Poker from 7th August
7th August 2018 16:55
Report on the sit and go table this past Tuesday 7th August which saw shazy take the pot of 2,500.00 rupees on this 10 table.
What makes online poker such a popular game?
Since a complete unknown recreational accountant (Chris Moneymaker) made an appearance in the poker world banking $2.5 million by taking down the WSOP Main Event in 2003 after winning a seat through a $33 satellite, online poker has only grown exponential
Best online poker players know how to read the game
It is tougher to play poker online than in live games because you collect a lot less information when playing the game online. For starters, in online poker you can't physically read players movements or see their facial expressions.
When should you play more than 1 table in online poker?
Get a better understanding of when it is a good time to play more than one table at the same time.
How much should you focus on the pre-flop in online poker?
If you have been playing poker for a while now, then you will know that it is important to focus on everything all the time, as long as you know what you are doing.
Is online poker actually better than playing in person?
Do you prefer to play poker in person and face to face, or do you enjoy more when playing poker online?
Good routine to have when playing online poker
Do you have a good routine when it comes to playing poker online?
Keep a handle on your online poker profit and loss
Are you in profit or loss in your poker career? For some players, poker is their main source of earnings, as work is not something they want to do.
Good habits to have for better online poker success
When it comes to trying to find the best ways to enjoy more online poker success, then we have some advice for you here on a few things that might help.
Does online poker help to improve mental stability?
If you have been looking to improve your mental stability, then playing online poker can actually help you.
Can play money be exchanged for real money in poker online?
While we offer you a generous amount of play chips, it is important that you know that you cannot actually exchange them for real money chips.
Do I have to use a sign-up bonus when depositing money for the first time?
If you are looking to make some money while having fun playing poker, then come and join us, today.
Do I have to deposit money when opening an online poker account?
When you first open an online poker account, you do not have to deposit money to play right away.
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