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Learn to notice bet patterns in online poker
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Learn to notice bet patterns in online poker

Date Published: 10th May 2019
Without sacrifice, nothing great can ever be achieved, or at least this is how professional poker players feel. When it comes to Online Poker, the only thing you’ll have to sacrifice for success is your time, because you can’t acquire and develop skills immediately, without putting in any effort.

poker betting-pattern

Besides essential skills such as logic, you’ll need an alert mind to keep you aware of everything that is happening during the game. This is crucial because it’s very difficult to win if you’re not attentive to what your opponents are doing. There are several betting patterns which can be recognized easily, with one of them being the number of hands someone plays. For instance, if someone doesn’t have good hands every time, they will play a lot of hands to enter a pot with more marginal hands.

Similarly, someone who plays few hands is usually waiting for a premium hand to enter the pot. Also, there can be callers or raisers. Someone who raises a lot may even force you out of the pot, so be careful with the marginal hands. On the other hand, callers are, in most cases, weaker players. The hands they show down are also important to notice throughout the game – if you see their hand at the end, how did they play it up to that point? Rewind the game in your mind and figure out little details that could help you make the right decisions.

online poker-bet

Also, look after the basic patterns too: bet, bet, call is a sign of strong hands at draw; call, call, raise means that the player’s been slow playing and has hit the board; raise, raise, raise is either played by someone on Tilt or is a sign of strength. Anyhow, if you’ll be cautious, you’ll be fine.

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