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Learn to adjust against different opponents in online poker
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Learn to adjust against different opponents in online poker

Date Published: 14th June 2019
In online poker, there are lots of players with a variety of skill levels. You will have a lot of rookie players but you will also see some pros. With every opponent you come into contact with, you must adjust your game to increase your success and chances of winning. As poker is a competitive game, there’s always a way to win and by playing regularly, you’ll be ready for the different styles of play you come across.

poker styles

Practice Makes Perfect
Sometimes you’ll know right away if your opponent is experienced based on how they make their moves or how much they’re willing to risk. Sometimes you’ll know they’re not so experienced based on if they’re taking some time to make their decisions. Practicing with different levels of players will help you adjust your game to different styles. Free online poker games are useful to try out as you’re getting a risk-free way to practice and come up against different styles of poker players. For example, you may want to play with more finesse when you want to spot a pro player.

Spotting a Pro
Anonymity in online poker can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. You never know who you’ll be up against, or what their temperament is like. You could be up against a beginner or a pro and you would never know. To tell the difference, you have to study how they play and adjust accordingly.

If they keep making rookie mistakes or take a long time to decide what their next move is, they’re probably a newbie so go in for the kill and engage in as many flops as possible. However, if they are constantly winning, play it cool and strategize because you could be up against a pro – either that or they’re just incredibly lucky. When playing with a pro, know that all of your moves are being considered and noted. That player is reading you as much as you are reading them.

poker playing-style

Preying On Beginners
Newbie players are often easy to spot and when you run into these players, you need to adjust your style accordingly. When coming up against a beginner, you may not want to bet too much because they are more likely to fold, and not play a weak hand. To maximize your potential winnings against a beginner poker player, opt for slow play and let them do the raising.

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