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Know How Big to Bet on the River in Texas Holdem Online Poker
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Know How Big to Bet on the River in Texas Holdem Online Poker

Date Published: 18th April 2019
The river is a unique category of poker, it is the unique street to play because in this street the players have the potential to make or break their hands. There will be 4 cards in the board and the 5th card will be dealt and players are forced to make the best 5 card hand possible despite the prevailing circumstances. This is why the river is a totally different street then other betting types, as it is the final card and the final chance.

texas holdem-poker

On the river at first you should bet and after the river betting there will be a showdown and at the point the player who makes the best 5 card hand wins the pot. Checking your cards and then making additional bets is the key technique. It is better to bet big if you have the confidence that you have the best hand than your opponent, or if you believe you can bluff them, you will indeed make more money in the long run though you are called less often.

Big Bet vs Small Bet
While on the river we have the best hand and the pot is of $40 and we have to decide how much we should bet on it then, if we bet $40 we get called three times out of ten and if we bet $10 then we get called 9 times out of ten. So, if you were to repeat the same situation for 10 more times for each time then you will win $90 by betting $10 and win $120 by betting $40 in other hand. From this we figure out that the more you bet the more you win, bigger is the one that always win so do not be afraid of betting more when you think that you have the best hand.

texas holdem-online

But when you don’t have a best hand or your opponent is betting with a high level of confidence then it’s better to muck and move to the other hand. While playing, figuring out the texture and environment of game and checking the card plays the vital role and also do not bluff, bluffing on the river such as Texas Holdem can be a real chip burner.

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