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How to Read the Flop in Indian Poker Online
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How to Read the Flop in Indian Poker Online

Date Published: 17th April 2019
When playing Indian Poker Online, reading the flop is arguably the most important skill to have. Despite this statement, many players - even some experienced players - do not fully understand how it should be done. Follow these steps and your poker results are sure to improve.

read the-flop

Study Your Opponent
If you know what your hand will be, and you know what your opponent’s hand will be, poker would be much more profitable for you. So how come many players ignore their opponent’s possible hands when they see the flop? When reading the flop, consider the possible hands for all players still in the hand.

If you are a beginner, or if you are playing at low limits, you might want to start reading flops by mastering two steps.

Know the Outs
First, determine what your hand is. Have you hit any part of the flop? Did you flop a draw to a straight or flush? What cards might come on the turn or river to improve your hand? Next, determine what an opponent may have. What are the best and second best possible hands on the flop if you do not hold it yourself? What cards could come on the turn or river that would give someone a better hand than yours? If a card comes that improves your hand, might it improve your opponent’s hand even more? Your opponent will not always have the nuts (best possible hand) or a draw to the nuts, but you must be aware of what hand would make the nuts. If you do not have the nuts, or if your draw is to the non-nuts, you should proceed with caution.

indian poker-flop

As you become more experienced at Indian Poker Online and you start playing at slightly higher stakes, you should learn to put your opponents on ranges of hands. That way you can eliminate some of the possible hands an opponent can have when you are reading the flop.

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