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How to play against a pre-flop raise in poker online
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How to play against a pre-flop raise in poker online

Date Published: 30th October 2019
Much of poker is about raising opponents and bluffing and stealing pots. A lot of what we study and what is talked about is how to bluff players, and how to take things from an “offensive” strategy standpoint. But as in all sports, a good defense is a good offense. Also take some time to think of counter attacks, and other defensive tactics you can employ and add to your arsenal to create a more well-rounded poker game.

pre flop-poker

What You Can Tell from a Pre-Flop Raise
A pre-flop raise at a high stakes, decently strong poker table is indicative of pocket cards. This is usually followed up with a continuation bet. And many times, if you follow a pre-flop 4x big blind raise with a re-raise, it will be called. Because players that pre-flop raise typically mean business. However, there’s a few ways to catch the bluffers red handed, the key is to observe the details.

Things To Look Out For
A Pre-Flop raise under normal circumstances should scare you off unless you have exemplary cards like AA or KK. However, a pre-flop raise under the right conditions, is an easy tell. A player that is low stacked for example, who throws in a hefty sized pre-flop raise, either has superb cards or has decent cards and is ready to go call it a night. Especially if they are very low stacked, players that will risk almost going all in pre flop, are going to go all in on that hand. Likewise, if a player is betting pre-flop on the button, they could be blind chasing. With the right timing, this could help you set up the perfect trap for an unsuspecting victim and you can take these observations to the bank with you.

pre flop-poker-play

Play Smart and Feel Things Out
Playing against a pre-flop raise in online poker is always difficult, especially if you have a maniac at the table raising every single hand. The key is to play the game objectively and mathematically. If you can read your opponents, pre-flop raises can mean easy money or easy double ups for you. But do not be afraid to fold bad hands too.

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