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How to make more from a winning hand in online poker
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How to make more from a winning hand in online poker

Date Published: 22nd August 2019
Poker can be tough and we all do have our off nights. But sometimes, if we’re lucky or if the stars align for us, poker can be a wonderful incredible game. When the night is young and all of the good cards are continually going your way, it can make you feel like a king.

This really does happen to people, to all of us, eventually we all have our lucky nights. When the cards keep going your way and the chips of your enemies are being served up to you on a silver platter, know how to squeeze your opponents for more OJ, and get more out of your winning hand in online poker. When you are assured of victory, playing your cards smart will help make you more money on those hands.

winning hands

What are examples of something one can do to make more money from a winning hand?

Slow Play
Slow play strategy helps to avoid scaring off players early on. Slow playing means almost exclusively checking, and playing very casually despite having great cards. This is best effective when executed on the flop, and the intention of slow playing is to convince or encourage other players to raise first.

poker win

Value Bet
Later in the hand, on the turn and river, make some small raises to earn a bit from the second pair or low pocket paired players. Value betting, or raising to earn value from your currently superior cards, is incredibly underused in online poker tables. If you have the best possible cards, you should bet and encourage the fold from flush chasers and other weakly adversaries.

Enjoy It
When you are having a lucky day and you have many winning hands in online poker, remember this is an event that doesn’t last and it doesn’t happen every day. Be sure to enjoy the moment and revel in your momentary luckiness.

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