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How to know if you bluff too much in online poker
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How to know if you bluff too much in online poker

Date Published: 21st November 2019
If you never bluff, your online poker sessions will be both boring and unprofitable. Bluffing is a part of the game, and you will need to learn how to bluff properly if you want to have more successful runs in online poker. Well played and skillful bluffing in online poker will turn around your luck, and when you start learning how to bluff correctly in online poker you will understand why the majority of experienced players bluff commonly in online poker to stack up their profits.

bluffing poker

Why You Must Bluff in Online Poker
One of the biggest mistakes players make in online poker is they let their fear of losing get in the way of making the right decision when bluffing. For example, if you raise pre-flop and don’t hit anything, you must still always continuation bet on the flop, and do so aggressively if you are bluffing. Players who are afraid their bluff will not work, also know hesitation will spell trouble for them while attempting to bluff.

If you want to throw a quick bluff down, or bluff an affordable amount on a small pot to steal it, you’ll need to do so with confidence. Bluffs, especially quick bluffs, require enticing your opponents to fold to win the pot. If you are unable to portray strength in your hands, you will not be able to bluff effectively because your opponents will not fold.

poker bluffer

How To Not Bluff Too Much
While bluffing will become a key aspect of your poker strategy to increase your daily online poker success, be sure not to bluff too much in online poker. For beginner players, save bluffing for when your game improves, constant bluffing will reveal losses in your online poker sessions. Aggressive style poker with a high bluff % ratio will be profitable against beginner players, fish, and passive poker players online. But against skilled poker players, they will look for bluffers like you to target and manipulate. Bluffing per se will not help you in online poker, but having a bluff scenario in your back pocket to compliment the rest of your arsenal will help you.

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