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How to get free money from Indian poker online
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How to get free money from Indian poker online

Date Published: 12th July 2019
Poker is a crazy game and the cards can be so surprising at times. Leaving you at the edge of your seat, chance seals your fate and your money. Even the smallest odds create winning hands on the river, and certainty is never on your side. This is what poker is about.

free money-poker

The game and the competition are so unnerving and weak players get crushed under the pressure. A game of skill and playing styles, the best players seem to consistently win money and the most skilful always leave the table rich. But did you know there are a lot of sure-fire ways to get free money from playing poker online too?

Indian Poker is Booming Online
Indian poker is booming and online poker in India is one of the fastest growing markets. Since India only recently legalized online poker in a verdict that classifies poker as a game of skill and not a game for purely gambling, things have really taken off. There are sites like Real Poker that offer free online poker games, paid online poker, bonuses, offers, promotions, and more. These poker sites also offer freebies to incentivize you to keep coming back every day, cash backs in the form of rakes reimbursed, and bad beat jackpots. Each of these sites right now is offering more and more to their users to generate support and it would be useful to read up on all the giveaway programs your poker site is offering to ensure you are not missing out.

poker free-money

Other ways to get free money
There are also usually referral programs which can earn you free chips for inviting friends. Online casinos and poker sites have the flexibility to give lots of money away because they have lower costs. There is no overhead associated with brick and mortar casinos, thus they typically have lower rakes, more programs to spoil their players, and more chances to win money overall. Be sure to do your homework and apply to all of these rewards programs, loyalty programs, and the like, to make the most out of your online gambling and online poker.

Recent Online Poker Game Reports

Nandini Layout, Bangalore Indian Poker from November
15th November 2018 04:27
Poker report on the 10 player match which included pepitozz, hyphylyman, vivaer, guthriedonk, ullind, oorcun, oldwindy, haitama, guidofistpump, semik, from Thursday
Jasola Vihar, New Delhi Holdem Poker 10 Player
15th December 2018 12:00
Poker report on the match up from Saturday between buttegre, danapoker, joly-joker, honeybadger, omar, leeh, spicy.jane, stinle, Lavanya, slim_shady, for the prize pot of 75 rupees.
Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore Poker Website 10 Player
14th January 2019 18:26
Poker report on the match up from Monday between thelaw7, gebow, danapoker, kareem, dreddy, sumner, cobthecrazed, eranzered, ousig, sidone, for the prize pot of 4250 rupees.
Lower Parel Mumbai Texas Holdem Poker from March
18th March 2019 04:19
Report on the sit and go table for Lower Parel Mumbai from Monday 18th March which saw saleem take the winning prize money of 200.00 rupees on this 10 table.
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How to get free money from Indian poker online
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