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How to find inspiration before playing poker online
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How to find inspiration before playing poker online

Date Published: 15th June 2019
Poker is a competitive game. Treated like a sport, they even feature poker tournaments on ESPN and there are many players around the world in online poker games 24/7. The game truly has become competitive and accessible. As with any competition, players find ways to be inspired or motivated before the games begin. Sponsored professional players do this, and amateur players, too. There are a few ways to find inspiration before playing poker online. Here is a short list of some of the most popular.

inspire bitcoin-poker

Pre-game hype
Many people listen to music or have pre-game rituals as part of their routine before getting into any competition. This can be applied to poker players as well, before they enter cash games for a long night in front of their computer, or before players enter poker tournaments. Some ways to be motivated before a game are listening to music, particularly rap or something upbeat. Another way is to watch videos. Many compilation videos already have upbeat music and are designed to hype the viewer up. Some pre-game routines are seemingly mundane but have nostalgic value, such as consuming a certain food. Whatever your routine may be, these psychological activities actually stimulate your adrenaline and help you mentally prepare for the game, therefore helping you play better.

Idols in online poker
Another way to draw or find inspiration is to seek excellence. Pro players and their skill level is aspirational. There is a certain awesomeness of the idea of winning a lot of money, which they do daily in online tables. You can also take a lot of notes and try to mimic their style of play yourself. Watching videos of online poker pros or tuning in to their online classes, as a lot of them offer these including Phil Ivey and Daniel Negraneu, will help you find inspiration before playing poker online.

inspire crypto-poker

Experience is the best teacher
Lastly, the best way of being inspired to play any game is by seeing the beauty of the game for yourself. Going out and playing poker will accomplish this. Good luck out there and remember to gamble responsibly.

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