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How skilled do you need to be to play poker or trade stock?
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How skilled do you need to be to play poker or trade stock?

Date Published: 26th October 2020
Author: Lowell Forest
Poker is not simply a game of luck but an art that can be learnt and perfected given time. When one starts playing poker, everything appears random and speculative until they start noticing how players use their cards. A learner starts observing a pattern in how other players are playing and strategies deployed to secure a win. These lessons collected along the way coupled with how keen a person is to learn them goes a long way in improving how good they are at poker. The idea that you can randomly play your cards in poker starts slipping away as you pick up more skills and expertise in poker.

How skilled do you need to be to play poker or trade stock?

In the process of learning to play poker a person begins understanding that the game is structured in a certain way. Cards carry different values from others and can only be played in a particular pattern. These discoveries will reinforce the belief poker is not simply a game of chance that players win based off their luck. Knowing the rules of poker goes a long way in helping a player better understand the game. Looking at luck, there is very little learning because the outcomes of the game are fated to be with or without the input of participants.

Trading stock is a complex affair that requires analytical skills coupled with a deep understanding of how the stock market works. Walking into the stock market without sufficient information on fundamentals in the market would result to a loss of all your capital. Before investing in trading stock, you first need to learn the technical aspect of trading. Understanding how technical indicators work helps you understand what it is that they signal putting you at a better position to trade profitably. Mastery of technical factors of the market will help a trader predict what direction the price will go in. Knowing what direction price movement will take gives you an edge in trading stock.

In the process of learning to

Apart from technical factors, a good trader will take the initiative to learn how market sentiments affect the stock market. This is the second most important step on your journey to learning how to trade stock. Being well-informed on all news events that might have a significant effect on the price of stock gives you an edge as a stock trader. A deep understanding on the current market conditions and potential projections help in understanding how the price of stock is likely to react to certain news events. Trading stock is not a speculative game of chance but a calculated risk taken made off a diligent assessment of the market.

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How skilled do you need to be to play poker or trade stock?
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