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How should you play the early position in online poker?
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How should you play the early position in online poker?

Date Published: 22nd November 2019
Having successful poker sessions in online poker at You can increase your poker profits with a winning early position strategy. Playing the early position is tough and worrisome, but with the right game plan you can turn your luck around and squeeze out more online poker winnings. When playing online poker at you can create real earnings and become prosperous through smart poker strategy and game play. Try going to to sign up today.

early positions-poker

Playing Early Position in Online Poker
Playing early position in poker is the most difficult, because you are equipped with no information. The early position player in online poker is the first player to act. Before the flop, this person is the player seated to the left of the big blind, and after the flop, it is the first person to act - in most circumstances online this is the small blind post flop.

The early position player is at a disadvantage as they have no information on the other player’s cards. Therefore, if you are playing from early position you will need to play very tight and only stick to playing premium cards. You do not have the leeway, especially at a tight table, to play loose.

poker early-positions

How You Should Play
If you are dealt a small pair you can try limping in, if you’re lucky you can get away with seeing the flop by just paying the blinds. If you are able to hit a set on the flop, time to calculate how much you can take from the hand, but if you don’t hit it, you can easily get out and fold without losing too much money.

If you are dealt premium cards, you will want to raise. Depending on the table you are at, you can opt to raise early if at a light table and take pots this way. If you are playing with aggressive tables, a check-raise will likely earn more money for you.

For more poker tips go to Real Poker online and learn while you earn.

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