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How often should I see the flop in online poker?
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How often should I see the flop in online poker?

Date Published: 11th June 2019
Poker is an unforgiving game. Keeping your emotions in check is important to playing the game well and not losing a lot of money fast. Especially on the flop, you need to hide your emotions. If you want to be a skillful poker player you should master your strategy and always have a plan for the flop. Equally important, you should not only have a strategy of your own but also have counter-strategies and plans for what your opponents might do.

the flop-poker

The flop is the first phase of showing cards in poker, where 3 cards are shown. With your two cards, you may or may not have a five-card hand like a straight or a flush. Usually at this time you do not and you are chasing or maybe have a pair. There are still two cards that will be shown but usually players forget this in the midst of the game and get tempted into betting or making a bad move. Remember to stay focused while playing and have a strategy on the flop.

When should I see the flop
If you are the big blind you should see the flop. You’ve already got some chips in the pot because of the blinds, and you have the option to bet. When you are the big blind you should definitely be seeing the flop. When you have great cards, like two high-valued face cards or pocket pair cards, you should be betting and seeing the flop. Your likelihood of wining the hand is much higher because you have better cards that were dealt to you. If you are dealt great cards you should be betting and seeing flops.

the flop-online-poker

When betting pre-flop, you should generally ready yourself for a continuation bet on the flop so if you’ve bet pre-flop, you should see the flop as well. When you are on the button and you have good cards you might want to bet pre-flop too. In this way, you can easily take the small and big blinds chips, if they fold. You could also consider small betting to get additional chips in the pot from the small and big blinds, as they are likely to call to see the flop.

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