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How much poker players make

Date Published: 24th May 2020
Author: Floyd Erik
The mantra, ‘’money can buy everything’’ is quite an accepted idea in the society, though not totally true. A famous economic theory considers money as key stimulus (initial one) that encourages a person to increase productivity in a sphere of his/her career. Money is definitely not all needed to boost productivity but must be considered irrespective. The question, how much does a poker player make is not out of place? We would answer this shortly. Let us consider other factors that determine the amount of money poker player is likely to earn.

How Much Poker Player Make

Firstly, poker is a card game that involves placing bets with other players that the cards in your hand are of the highest strength. From the above definition, poker is not a 9-5 job rather a game of betting, which makes you independent. Therefore, your motive is a key determinant of how much you are likely to earn? That is you can either play the game of poker for fun or as a professional. At each of the above scenarios, you would be playing the game of poker but the level of skill applied varies.

Firstly, poker is a card game

What then should be your plan? To build from an amateur to a professional status in the game of poker should be the goal. It demands making a plan or practicable strategy that would assist you achieve your goal seamlessly. Basically, a game of luck doesn’t have a precise income, you would make a huge profit today and a loss tomorrow but with proper planning, you can cushion the effect of the loss. Just like any other profession, emergencies appear without prior notice, so, one must always be prepared. Having a savings, is the oldest trick from the bag that preserves you in this profession. That means, from your previous earning there ought to be specific percentage that is kept aside as your personal savings. The importance of this savings becomes evident during the rainy days or times of financial constraint.

Secondly, just like every freelancer, your work-style is quite flexible; you’re your own boss. Therefore, this makes time management an essential; a champion in a profession is one that improves him or herself on a daily basis and shrewd with time. You should consciously draft a work schedule that states work-time (poker time) and other time where you would be found improving yourself. Note that every-time of the day is not poker time and also every day profit might not be certain, so, you have to adhere to the timelines stated in the schedule. You have to cultivate a habit to leave the table at the right time, win a little or loose small and leave immediately.

Improving yourself is actually the key to success and a fat pay check at the end of the day. The game of poker is a game of a little luck, probability and psychology. That means the onus is on you to develop your psychology that has the required finesse to make you excel in this profession. You must make a list of books that addresses the game of poker that would improve your game-play. Reading at least one book a month and applying your new knowledge in your game-play is encouraged. Finally, how much does a poker player earn? He can earn any amount from 1, 000 dollars monthly to over 100, 000 dollars monthly. The ball is in your court, with good-luck and skill, the sky is just the starting point.

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