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How much money you need to play poker?
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How much money you need to play poker?

Date Published: 5th July 2019
Poker a game of skill, but odds can play an important part in your wins or losses as well. This is why, even though your skills may be above average, you should still have a bankroll that can support your losing streaks.

money poker

Generally, if you’re playing No-Limit Hold’Em, then you need at least 20 buy-ins for your level. This means that, if you play 1/2 live cash games and you buy in for 200, then your bankroll should be of at least 4,000. In terms of online poker, buying in for 100BB in a 25NL means that you need a minimum of 500. When it comes to multi-table tournaments, try to spend 2% of your bankroll at most, regardless of the buy-in.

However, these limits aren’t permanent and mandatory, but they’re simply something to help you in your journey. Everyone has their own limits depending on their financial status and their commitment to the game. The best thing you can do is take all the important factors into consideration before setting these limits.

poker cash

In order to decide on a sum that you need to be able to play, you have to calculate possible outcomes according to how much you’re willing to invest and be aware of poker variance and its risks. You also have to keep in mind your preferred game type, your winning rate, your comfort zone and the stakes. Where you hold that sum isn’t relevant – you could have a bankroll of 1000 and decide to deposit only half of it. What counts is that you’re willing to spend all of it while playing poker.

If it’s your first time making such a decision, you can always use a poker variance calculator, as there are many of them online.

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