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How Listening to Music Can Impact Your Online Poker Play
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How Listening to Music Can Impact Your Online Poker Play

Date Published: 29th November 2018
Listening to music as you play online poker has a profound effect on your feelings and emotions and this can be equally good or bad, depending on the type of music you are listening to. Of course, there is a distinction between listening to Metallica music or Mozart classical music. It is instantly obvious that Metallica is greatly different compared to Mozart in that it is more aggressive.

online poker-music

There has actually been some research done in recent years, with many of these studies proving that minds tend to be more creative while listening to the classical music genre rather than any other genre that was tried and tested. Classical Music evidently helps to calm you and aids your thinking, so it is recommended that you listen to this when playing online poker.

Listening to smooth, quiet and peaceful music like Gregorian chants, which was created to appease the mind and tranquil the soul back more than 1,500 years ago, while playing online poker would improve your calmness and concentration and thus, you will make the best decisions during a game.

poker online-music

When you originally try music when playing online poker, at first it may prove to be slightly distracting, although of course not negatively. After several tries and varying of genres several times, you would realize that, when you are playing for a long session deprived of some music to listen to, it is now nearly impossible. There is a lot of contemporary music that inclines to have unpredictable outcomes.

Since it's mostly hit or miss, it’s advised to elude modern music when playing. But occasionally you just have to crank the music player and mix everything up. Give it a try next time you are playing one of our tables.

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