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How Do Blinds Work in Online Poker?
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How Do Blinds Work in Online Poker?

Date Published: 7th November 2018
When it comes to playing poker online, there are some people who actually do not seem to fully understand all of the rules and can seem quite shocked when something happens which they did not really know about. Now, we know that most of you who are playing online poker, or any form of poker at all for that matter, will know exactly what the Blinds mean in the Cash Games, Sit n Go games, and Tournaments, but there are actually some people who are still not fully aware of exactly what they mean for each different variant.

online poker-blinds

So, you are one of those online poker players who is not completely sure of what exactly the Blinds are and how they change, then never fear, as we are here to help you with a quick explanation of exactly what they are. Now, when it comes to the Blinds, you have two of them, the Big Blind and the Small Blind, and they are a small amount of money which two players have to put into the pot from the start each round, with the Big Blind generally being twice the amount of the Small Blind. The Small Blind is always to the immediate left of the dealer and the Big Blind is always to the immediate left of the Small Blind.

Now when it comes to the different variants of the game, there are some changes to be aware of when it comes to going from Cash Games, to Sit n Go games and then on to Tournaments. In the Cash Games, you choose a room where the Blinds are already predetermined and they will stay at this amount throughout the whole time the table is played, never changing. However, when it comes to Tournament play and Sit n Go games, the Blinds will raise as time goes on, with the speed at which they are raised being predetermined before the start of the event.

poker blinds-online

Understanding the Blinds and how they work really is as simple as we have explained here but for the best way to get the perfect idea of how these Blinds work, you would be best off going and playing on the different tables within the different variations available. We are sure you will soon fully understand how the Blinds work in online poker.

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