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Good routine to have when playing online poker
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Good routine to have when playing online poker

Date Published: 10th January 2020
Author: Andrew Harmon

Just like in sports, where players may have pre-game rituals, online poker players also have routines that they can follow to improve their online poker success. Whether they be superstitious in nature, or good practices, pre-game and in-game routines are helpful for making you feel comfortable, and each player will choose to have different routines to make them prepared and alert when playing online poker. Here are some good routines to have when playing online poker to get you started. 

Poker Routine

Distraction-Free Zone

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you are in a positive environment, conducive for playing online poker. One of the reasons people prefer to play online poker is the convenience of being able to play 20 minutes each day from home, something no other Texas Hold Em platform can offer. The same convenience offered in online poker also means you can easily become distracted, and let external factors affect your game. Be sure to have all of the updated software, and stable internet connection necessary to play the game beforehand and double check these necessities in order to enjoy seamless uninterrupted online poker.

Create a pre-game routine around checking your connection, getting comfortable and prepared to play, and possibly also make yourself a cup of coffee to go with it, or some other routine to help you get in the zone before playing. Use the restroom before starting, sign out of social media, shut out the noise, and create routines that isolate you from distractions so that you can maximize your online poker success rates. Poker will require your focus to play so any routine to help you focus is a good one. 

Poker Routines

Reflect and Improve

Once you’ve ensured your environment is perfect and you are comfortable to play some competitive online poker, also be sure to reflect on recent poker sessions, and make it possible to learn from your mistakes. As you play the game more and more, you want to continuously improve and this will mean taking notes while you play, having study sessions, and learning while you play poker online. Have a notebook nearby whilst you are playing, and create routines of your own to reflect and improve on your poker game.   

These routines will help you when playing online poker. Gamble responsibly.

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