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Game tactics for playing poker online
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Game tactics for playing poker online

Date Published: 24th May 2019
Playing poker online is different from live poker. The same rules apply and generally everything is, in its essence, just poker. But there are certain things about online poker that make it unique. The way the game is played is unique and the tactics players can develop to play better poker online are unique too.

tactics poker

One of the things you can keep track of in online poker, with surety, is timing. This is the amount of time a player takes to make a decision. In normal poker, timing is a factor as well but in online poker it is much easier to track. If you are able to analyze somebody’s timing, you will know how much time they take before making certain decisions. Over time, you will notice a pattern and be able to read this player throughout the rest of your gameplay, or until he is out of money. This is a tactic that you can perfect for your own gameplay, so that no other player can read your game based on your timing.

Preying on the new players is another tactic for online poker as they are easy to spot. As in live poker matches where it is easy to spot newbie players that don’t know what they are doing, online poker has these too. They will sometimes even be excellent poker players but since they are not familiar with online poker they will make mistakes and you can manipulate this for personal gain.

online poker-tactics

Playing it cool to observe other players is another tip. It’s a lot easier to be patient without the casino lights and the sound of other people winning while bells and sirens blare from the casino machines. From the comfort of your home, slow playing is much easier - just observe the game and don’t be distracted. Utilize this by timing fellow players, observing and reading how everybody else plays, and analyzing everything. You can do many of these things in online poker much more easily than in live poker.

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