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Favorite Online Poker Starting Hands

Date Published: 2nd December 2019
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Getting into online poker can be fun, exciting and profitable. However, playing poker isn’t going to be as easy as getting into playing baccarat or blackjack, this gambling game is a lot more skills based and will require a bit more knowledge of the game. Starting with the basics, online poker is 95% of the time going to be played in the Texas Hold Em poker format. One of the keys to being good at Texas Hold Em poker is knowing your hands and knowing what's playable, here are everybody’s favorite starting hands in online poker to help you get started.

Favorite Online Poker Starting Hands

poker starting-hands

Pocket Aces – A “pocket” hand simply means the two cards you are dealt are a pair of cards. Pocket aces is when you are dealt AA, and of 169 possible hands you can start with this is the best one statistically meaning the highest likelihood for you to win the hand. If you see AA, you can trust you will profit.

Pocket Kings – Also known as cowboys, KK is the 2nd best starting hand and will hold equity favorably against all other hands except pocket aces.

Pocket Queens – The third best possible hand you can be dealt is QQ, or two queens.

Ace-King Suited – If you thought the 4th best hand would be JJ, you are mistaken, an AK hand of the same suit gives you more likelihood of winning in poker with the potential for a royal flush with, or a number of other combinations.

Pocket Jacks – The 5th best hand is JJ, or two jacks as your starting hand.

Pocket Tens – The last high value pocket hand you can be dealt is 10/10. After this, a number of combinations with face cards is stronger.

Ace-King Off Suited – This hand is a favorite among players and may not be the best, as it holds lower equity than AQ suited, but you will see a lot of players go All-In with AK, especially in online poker.

Ace-Queen Suited – Rounding out the list is AQ suited. This hand has a lot of potential for 5-carders like a flush or a straight, and is a great stating hand.

poker starting-hand Online Poker
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