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Does bluffing ever really work in poker online?
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Does bluffing ever really work in poker online?

Date Published: 24th August 2019
I get this question many times that sometimes I ask myself if those people should ever sit down on a poker table. Then I remember, thanks to those people I make a living playing poker. Of course that bluffing works in online poker and, as a matter of fact, it works really well. By bluffing effectively you will be able to take down many uncontested pots without ever going to showdown. And this is HUUGEE!

poker bluffing

It is not a matter of whether or not bluff works in online poker nor if you should do it, because you should and MUST do! It is more about developing the skill of knowing when and how to bluff to make it profitable for you in the long run. In order to master bluffing in poker will take a lot of time but will try my best to sum it up into some questions you will need to ask yourself. For example…

• What´s your opponents range? Weak? Capped?

• Do you have any prior history with that player? Do you have any read/tell on him?

• How well are you balancing your bluff and value hands in this situation?

• Have I been playing a lot of hands? What do you think it´s your image at the tables? TAG? LAG? Maniac? The point is, if you have a TAG image it will be easier for you to pull out a bluff in comparison to if you have been playing a lot of hands because people are going to be willing to call you down more often if you have.

• Have you been consistent into “telling your story (bluff)”? Because you can´t just press a button and start bluffing on the turn or river. Your betting patter through the hand has to make sense.

poker bluffs

Remember, bluffing effectively takes time to master but this doesn´t mean I can´t help you to speed the process a little bit by pointing out some of the most common situations in poker where you can focus on and bluff your opponents out of the pot…

• Steal the blinds

• 3-Betting light

• Float the flop/turn with the intention of bluff betting the turn/river

• C-Bet more

• Check/Raise all-in in the turn/river

• Bluff raise the flop more often

• 3-Betting with strong draws

• Make use of “scare” cards

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