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Diwali Offers 2019

Date Published: 10th September 2019
So we are fast approaching the Diwali 2019 Festival, which means that Real Poker India is once again going to have to do something special and exciting for our poker players on our platform. We are always so grateful for the users that we have on Real Poker India, both new players and our regulars, so to help everyone to celebrate Diwali 2019, we are going to bring you some fantastic Diwali offers to use.

diwali bonus

After taking the thoughts and ideas of our online players into account for this Diwali festival, we have decided that the best possible way that we can reward you for being so loyal to us, and to help you to celebrate Diwali 2019, is by bringing you some exciting new double up codes for you to use. Now, to be clear, these new double up codes are only going to be available to use during a five day period of celebration around Diwali, so please do not try to use these before or after those dates, as they will not work for you. So let's get to it.

diwali 2019

Diwali Offers 2019
It really is simple to use the new Diwali deposit codes that we have on offer for you, as all you need to do is enter the codes when you are making your deposit and we will double that deposit for you, but please do remember that your bonus money will go into your No Deposit balance. For example, if you were to make a deposit of 1,000 Rupees to your Real Money balance, we would then give a free 1,000 rupees to your No Deposit balance, which can then be used to play with in accordance to the terms and conditions of your No Deposit account. The two new codes we have for Diwali 2019 are as follows:



diwali code

Now to be clear, these new Diwali poker promotion codes will not be available to use until the Diwali celebrations begin and will cease to work once the celebrations are over. so please do not try to use them until they are officially in use and please do not try to use them once they have expired, as they simply will not work. Just to be that extra bit clearer, you will first be able to use these Diwali poker bonus codes on October 25th and can then use them over the five day period, with the last day being on October 29th.

diwali coupon-code-offer

So be sure to remember to make a note of the important Diwali festival dates here at Real Poker India, so that you can make sure that you are making the most of the Diwali 2019 offers we have available for you this year. Good luck and, as always, gamble responsibly.

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