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Differences Between Texas Holdem and 6 Plus Poker
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Differences Between Texas Holdem and 6 Plus Poker

Date Published: 28th January 2019
6 Plus poker, also known as the 'short deck' has its popularity across the globe growing by day since its launching and we can all agree on that. Being a slight variant of the traditional Texas Holdem, it's amazingly interesting and easy to learn only that it comes with a stripped down deck, from which all cards lower than six are withdrawn to construct a 36 cards deck as opposed to the traditional 52. For a matter of fact, this new variant is extremely action oriented more than its predecessor.

poker 6-plus

When differentiating between these two versions, the focus is mainly on:

1. Rules

6 Plus poker uses the 'button blind' architecture instead of the 'big/small blind' structure that Texas Holdem applies. This means that talking of this new version, all players on the table pay an ante with the player on the Button even paying an additional blind equivalent of the ante. Into the game, Aces are played high and low in the Texas Holdem, while in the 6 Plus version, Aces can act as Fives when it comes to makin a straight( TJQKA as the highest straight and A6789 as the lowest).

2. Rankings

Speaking of hand rankings, this new version of the Holdem is more interesting than the traditional one. It involves 36 cards for the four suits, which renders flushes harder to hit. As a result, the flushes receive a higher ranking than Full Houses. In 6 Plus version, the Three-Of-A-Kinds are actually ranked lower than straights.

3. Availability in Different Formats

While Texas Holdem is available in sit and go tournaments, the 6 Plus poker is only available in cash game format. Its operators are yet to make any announcement on whether the game will be made available in tournaments.

six plus-poker

Even though both versions are intriguing and full of interest, many users would prefer playing the 6 Plus poker because of the improved features that improve rankings. This variant of poker is actually worth investing your time and money.

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