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Control Your Mind to Better Control Your Online Poker Success
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Control Your Mind to Better Control Your Online Poker Success

Date Published: 1st October 2018
Author: Dana Andrew
Poker is a sport that requires a lot of concentration but also affects our emotions, and this directly influences the success or misfortune when sitting at the poker table. It is the tug of war between the head and the heart, and our part of the brain that controls the instinct, lurking, collaborating or disturbing, depending on the situation. It is important for the player to be able to distinguish in a live tournament, or in an online game, those moments where he begins to act in a way different from the standard and the focus begins to leave. The change is subtle and whoever goes through it does not feel it, but often those who observe from the outside take advantage of it.

Physical tiredness, inadequate eating, and poor night's sleep contribute to this. The understanding of the physiological part is fundamental, in addition to other emotional factors, such as our mood. Our brain was designed and shaped spectacularly. We are not even close to unraveling it, but we can train it to be useful in a variety of situations. The article here is not scientific and I do not want to be pretentious to talk about something so detailed. There are people who are more adept at talking about a subject that is so complex and others more highly regarded to talk about something that is very fashionable, that is the "Mind Set".

heart head

This article addresses the topic in a simple way, which should be taken into consideration by any poker player who wants success. Brain Basically, our gray matter has 3 regions that are responsible for controlling us all the time, anywhere and throughout our lives. Technically a neurologist will talk about hypothalamus (instinct), cortex (reason) and Iimbic system (emotion). Controlling them independently is virtually impossible as they work together. However, it is necessary that among them there is a hierarchy and, fundamentally, the concept of time and place, since each one has a vital function to execute according to the necessity.

Identifying who is in control requires daily practice with exercises that help us understand how small we are and underutilize our processing power. A brief example to reflect on! The common situation in a tournament: You look at the blinds and see that it takes 10 minutes to break. You're just lost a hand playing badly, you want to go to the bathroom, you're thirsty, hungry and that's bothering you a lot. What do you do?

head heart-poker

Do not leave the table because in 10 minutes a "monster hand" can be "folded" and the possibility of doubling the stack will be wasted. Besides, you want to go with the player who has sliced his stack and has blood in his eyes to face him again.

Exiting at that time, you will not queue to use the bathroom for a snack and still have time to discuss a poorly played hand and chart a strategy for the post-break, recovering from the tilt. See that we do not always seek the more logical option, in this case, the number 2. The instinctive side (thirst and hunger) is inducing you to choose the emotional. I could cite here many examples, whether at work, with family, in professional decisions, and in poker, believe me. At all times, we calculate range, outs, pot odds. We use math and statistics to give us a break in the decisions and we often ignore all of this because we look at the villain and remember that he is a guy who is on his blacklist because of an elimination from an earlier tournament. In a 70/30 situation against us, we decided to bog down an A90 because we can re-enter, and so on.

heart head-poker


We, regular, recreational or professional players, need to seek self-knowledge, understand how we work inside and, why not, remove the internal leaks. Poker Tournament is a place full of inflated egos and people highly charged with vanity. The fierce level of competition often changes the behavior of the vast majority. Jump in the front one who observes all this and uses in his favor. We are talking about the sport of the mind. Rationality is what makes us unique as a species on the face of the earth. Focused player, making the best decisions and psychologically prepared is what will make the difference when the understanding of the rules of the game and the skill level between two players are tied. Have you paid attention to that player who acts coldly on the table in any adverse situation? Even in a losing streak, he remains unshaken. This is the secret of success, control of the heart, let reason speak louder!

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