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Casino vs Online: What Poker Style is Better
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Casino vs Online: What Poker Style is Better

Date Published: 3rd December 2018
Gambling is one of the rising misconceptions with online poker today, with people needing to realise that it is so much more of a skill based game that it is luck or gambling. Anyway, we are not here for that specific debate today, instead we want to take a look at the different ways that people can play poker, either live and in person, or online and hidden.

poker casino

In the past, it was only conducted in the casino but with the technology, the Internet has made it possible to play poker online. This article is going to compare Online Poker to casino poker and state a preference between the two.

Firstly, online poker allows the participants to access it anywhere provided there is an internet connection. This is unlike casino poker which requires going into the casinos. This is cumbersome since there are some requirements like the id. Furthermore, casinos are unsafe. The society associates casinos with thugs and con artists and that is why some people fear to go to the casinos.

online casino-poker

Online porker becomes the better option since it can be accessed at the convenience of the player. Meanwhile, privacy protection is another scenario which impacts both casinos and online. After winning a game in the casino, you are paid instantly in that casino, unlike online poker where you are supposed to provide personal details such as your account which might put you at a risk. With that said though, you can still hide your identity from other players online, whereas in a casino you are there to be seen.

Finally we have some of the important skills involved in poker. One of the biggest skills you can learn in poker, which has become a huge key to success in the sport, is the ability to read a player and know whether they have any tells or not, and when they are bluffing. Since you can't see your opponent in Online Poker, you can't learn these tells, so they become harder to read.

poker casino-online

As you would no doubt expect, we believe that Online Poker is a far better experience than Casino Poker. It moves quicker, with more hands being played; it is safer, since you do not have to leave your own home; and you can hide your identity and location from other players. So why not give our Real Poker India platform a go and see if you can beat the best Indian Poker players around.

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