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Blind Stealing in Indian Poker Online
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Blind Stealing in Indian Poker Online

Date Published: 11th March 2019
Indian Poker is a great game to play online and can sometimes see quite a lot of bluffing. This is not the best tactic around but it is quite a good one at certain times, as it helps to force opponents into a mistake as you aim to win the pot in the quickest time possible. Playing Indian Poker online requires the adoption of different playing times based on the prevailing situation in each hand.

stealing blinds

When an online poker player is not the big blind or the small blind, yet the manage to bet in a manor that causes every to fold pre-flop handing them the pot, it is referred to as blind stealing. This tactic works at certain times of the game and comes in any of the following forms:

1. Use Your Money to Make Opponents Pay: You do not have to have the best hand to win a poker game so long as you have the ability to make other players fold. It is possible to blind steal your opponents if you have a strong hand. Being a game for players with the ability to play aggressively, you can make your opponents pay even when they have a better hand, by using your money to scare them off.

2. Intimidate Opponents: Aggression on your part can force timid opponents to fold under pressure. So, when you realise that an opponent does not hold a strong hand, feel free to make a bet or raise a blind. Once your opponents feel that they are in late positions and are timid, there is a great likelihood that they are going to fold.

3. Take Advantage of Any Opportunity to Win a Hand: This strategy works well when a poker player faces an over-aggressive opponent. With hands such as an A-7 or Q-J, you can take advantage of the good value they offer to call and three-bet.

blind stealing

Blind stealing will never go out of fashion considering that the game of poker is played with so much emotion resulting in so many players cracking when put under pressure.

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