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Adapt and adjust in online poker

Date Published: 13th May 2019
First-time poker players have to make choice whether they should play cash games, tournaments or sit n gos. They all are types of online poker, but are vastly different from each other, as they require a completely different set of playing strategies for successful wins. However, the set of playing rules remain the same, but you have to play each one of them with different approaches. Let’s understand what is the difference between them and how to adapt and adjust in these three poker types.

poker adapt

Cash Games
Cash games are played on one table where players have to play with chips. You can exchange money for chips, but there is a maximum and minimum buy-in amount that completely depends on stakes. You can quit from cash game at any time and exchange your winning chips with money. This is the biggest benefits of cash games that you can come and go anytime. Cash games is a type of poker game that is played commonly and regularly by poker players as there is less risk involved in it.

Tournament Poker is a type of online poker game that can be played on one table but you can also play multi-table tournament. All the players start with the same amount of tournament chips as a part of game rule. Everyone has to buy-in for the same amount. This game ends when one person has all the chips and he is the winner of the online poker tournament. But the best thing is every player gets something based on where they finished their game by losing all their chips. In tournaments, the cost of blind varies and it increases after every 15 minutes.

poker adjust

Sit n Gos
Sit and Gos, also known as Single Table Tournaments, is typically a faster play style poker. It appears to be similar to multi-table tournament, but both the games require completely different skill sets. This game starts with a full table game where you can easily predict card distribution and make a strategy against the people playing on the table. It is the best online poker game for those who are looking for some fast cash though there are very few financial rewards.

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